The valley of Ofredalen

The small fjord community of Indre (inner) Ofredal was a busy place between the early parts of the 19th century and the Second World War, where the water powered both the mill and the sawmill. The woods of Ofredal were, and remain, very high quality. Ytre (outer) Ofredal had a stone quarry, and white granite from that quarry is today found at the Grand Hotel in Oslo. The products of the sawmill in Indre Ofredal were transported to Bergen on a local version of a sloop, the Sognejekt. On the return journey they brought groceries that were sold on to the people of Sogn (Sogningar), who arrived in their rowboats to shop and get their grains ground. The old wooden mill still stands today, and you can hire both the boathouse and farmhouse for accommodation or a get together. 

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