Årdal - an eldorado for kayaking

The Sognefjord is a well known destination for paddlers, but did you know that the small village of Årdal - situated where the Sognefjord goes ashore and the Jotunheimen starts - offer an amazing variety of different paddling experiences? The fjord, the lakes and the rivers are all there and very accessible. Are you going to the Sognefjord area for kayaking this summer, Årdal must be on your list!

1) The Sognefjord from Årdal

The part of the Sognefjord that comes ashore in Årdal is a beautifully situated part of the fjord landscape, that connects with both Lærdal and Luster. The possibilities for both short and long kayaking trips are endless, and it is not difficult to combine kayaking in Årdal with both a visit to the Urnes stavechurch or a visit to the beautiful village of Solvorn. In the neighbouring valley to Årdal you find historical buildings by the fjord, where you can stay the night or just stop for a taste of the best waffels in the area.  Photos: Bulder & Brak Adventures

2) The lake Årdalsvatnet

The lake Årdalsvatnet is beautifully situated between Årdalstangen and Øvre Årdal, and the high mountains and the crystal clear water is a spectacular experience. You can start out from both Årdalstangen and Øvre Årdal to go kayaking on this lake, and we recommend to paddle across the whole lake from village to village. You can also combine kayaking on this lake with hiking up the secluded valley of Nundalen. If you hike up to the farm Haugstad (500 masl), you get an impressive overview over the village of Øvre Årdal, the lake seen from up above and the Jotunheimen mountains. (Film: Bulder & Brak Opplevingar)

3) The mountainlake Torolmen 

PHOTO: Kristian Lien

PHOTO: Kristian Lien

The beautiful lake Torolmen at Sletterust/Tyin in Jotunheimen is a popular destination for hiking, but it is also well worth going there for a paddling trip. The lake itself is so clear and fresh that you can see the bottom of the lake even where there is depth. If your feet hurt from hiking, take a break and go for a paddling trip in stead. 

4) The lake Tyinvatnet

The lake Tyinvatnet can be a base for several unforgettable hikes in the Tyin area of Jotunheimen. Here you find both high mountain peaks, glens, wild rivers and an alpine landscape with glaciers. You can paddle across the lake to a mountain cabin called Tyinholmen - either to stay the night or just to visit. The area offers endless possibilities for hiking.